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Eric Church to perform free make-up concert on September 2 if nothing better comes along

Nashville, TN - County singer Eric Church announced on Friday that he will likely perform a free make-up concert on September 2 for fans who purchased tickets to his canceled Saturday, April 2, performance.

The move comes after he postponed his sold-out San Antonio show so he could attend a Final Four basketball game.

A spokesperson told reporters, "Eric wants to thank his San Antonio fans for letting him bail for something more important. He is excited to return on September 2 for a one-of-a-kind FREE show, as long as nothing better comes along."

He went on to say Church is firmly committed to the date unless he gets tickets to a sporting event, Broadway musical, or doesn't feel like it. He would also likely cancel to play a round of Putt-Putt or if a Dukes of Hazard TV marathon falls on the same day.

More details are possibly expected soon.

Photo Credit: Hayden Schiff via Flickr

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