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First-time dad posts emotional photo from hospital to let world know he voted

Nashville, TN - A local first-time dad celebrated a very special day today by posting an emotional photo, letting the world know he voted.

The post reads, "There are few days in a man's life that will change his world forever. Today is one of those days! Sitting here, reflecting on this moment, I couldn't be more proud and excited about the future. Everyone, it's official. I voted!"

The post received over three dozen comments from family and friends, congratulating the man and wishing him well.

"Congrats, man," said a friend from college.

"Awesome! Did Carole vote, too?" said a neighbor down the street.

"So happy for you! I'm going tonight," said an out-of-state cousin.

The man went on to remind everyone to get out and vote, writing, "Please don't let your voice go unheard, get out there and vote. Oh, we had the baby."

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