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Foo Fighters hope to save Bonnaroo by moving festival to Manchester motel room

Manchester, TN - Dave Grohl and his rock band Foo Fighters are hoping to save Bonnaroo 2021 by moving the festival to a Manchester, Tennessee motel room.

The move comes after concert organizers cancelled the event due to flooding on the festival grounds.

"Great news! We'd like to invite all ticket holders to Room 213 for a 4-day rock fest," said Grohl. "Welcome to Bonnaroom!"

Grohl went on to say that the motel room had plenty of space for people to sleep and is mostly mud-free. Shower facilities are also available as well as a pool and hot tub.

Along with The Foo Fighters, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, and Nelly are expected to perform in neighboring Rooms 214, 215, and 216.

The Disco Biscuits, Waxahatchee, and Uncle Acid have also expressed interest in performing, but our checking their schedules.

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