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Generous eBay retailer selling PS5 for $32,000 throws in free controller

Nashville, TN - According to reports, an eBay retailer selling a PlayStation 5 for $32,000 is generously throwing in a controller for free.

"It's a lot higher than the $499 retail price, but I really want one," said one shopper. "And he is throwing in a controller. Those are like 70 bucks alone."

Another man says he's been comparing prices and feels like it is a pretty good deal. "There are other units on eBay for a few thousand less, but they don't mention if they come with a controller. This one may even come with two."

It is unclear if the free controller mentioned in the posting is the one that normally comes with the unit or a bonus controller. Several shoppers have sent the question to the reseller, but have yet to receive a response. They say they plan to take their chances and buy one anyway. The seller only has three left.

"My wife and I have been saving up for a new car, but we really don't go anywhere. This one may come with two controllers, so I'm going for it," said one soon-to-be-divorced buyer.

The generous reseller is also offering a payment plan and free ground shipping if you buy two.

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