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Girl from Cincinnati living in Tennessee hopes both teams win

Nashville, TN - Megan McCormick grew up just outside Cincinnati but moved to Tennessee when she was 22 to pursue a songwriting career.

While she has never watched a football game before, her interest was peeked when she heard the Tennessee Titans would be playing the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend.

"I'm so excited," she wrote on her Facebook page. "I really hope both my teams win and go to the Bowl thingy."

Megan says she plans to watch the game with her boyfriend Mike once he tells her where he and his friends are meeting.

Megan told a reporter, "I know we're supposed to meet at 2:00 for some truck gating, but I haven't heard from him. I've called like 20 times, so he's probably having phone issues again."

While Mike's phone worked fine when we called, he declined to comment.

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