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Heroic stepdad risks life to film son being stalked by bear

Italy - An Italian man is being lauded as a hero today after risking his life to film his stepson being stalked by a bear down a mountain.

Antonio Vindali was hiking with his stepson, Alexandro, when a giant bear appeared behind the 12-year-old and began following him down a trail.

Witnesses say that Vindali showed no fear when he pulled out his phone to film the incident, even offering stage direction to the youth as the bear edged dangerously close.

One hiker told reporters, "That man stayed right there with the boy the entire time, filming the whole thing. I would have been long gone. I hope he gets a medal or something for his bravery."

The bear eventually gave up his pursuit and no one is injured.

Vindali hopes to submit the video to Italy's Funniest Home Videos this fall and win some prize money for his efforts.

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