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Housewife, cat sign peace accord ending all need for further memes

Nashville, TN - After several weeks of intense disagreement that played out very publicly on social media, Taylor Armstrong, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Smudge The Cat, have signed a peace accord ending all need for further memes.

Attorneys for both parties gave a joint statement asking all 16-year-olds with a meme generator to respect their clients' wishes and stop posting memes immediately.

"The feud is over. For the love of all things sacred, please resist the temptation to post any more memes involving Mrs. Taylor or Smudge," one attorney told reporters. "It's time to move onto something else. Please. We are begging you."

Taylor and Smudge both left the building without comment, but cheers were reported throughout cities across America. It is safe to say that everyone is ready to put this all behind them.

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Ben Lawless
Ben Lawless
20 nov 2019

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