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How to tell if the man at your door is an Arizona auditor or vaccine checker

Phoenix, AZ - Last week, Democrats suggested going door-to-door to American homes might be a good way to boost vaccination numbers. This week, the Republican-backed Arizona election auditors proposed going door-to-door to verify voting records.

With so many potential visitors, it may be hard to distinguish who is looking in your windows to see if you're home. So, we created a quick guide to help you identify who you are avoiding.

Do you live in Arizona?

The first question to ask yourself is, "Are you in Arizona?" If so, it could be either type of visit. If you live outside of Arizona, your visitor is most likely there to question you about your vaccine status.

Is the visitor wearing MAGA or QAnon-themed clothing?

A red MAGA hat or someone carrying a giant flag is a dead giveaway that they are there to interrogate you about your 2020 voting preferences.

Are they wearing a medical mask?

If your visitor is wearing a medical mask, it is likely they are there to promote the vaccine.

Is the visitor holding a needle in their hand?

If you can visibly see a needle in your visitor's hand, they are most likely going to offer you the opportunity to get vaccinated on your front porch.

Does the visitor want to talk about your plans for eternity?

This could technically be either one, but most likely neither. Chances are they are Jehovah's Witnesses.

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