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Hundreds gather outside Nashville Whataburger to be among first to yell at cashiers

Hermitage, TN - The new Nashville Whataburger location may not open until 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, but that didn't stop hundreds from lining up on Tuesday morning to be among the first to yell at the cashiers.

"I haven't yelled at a Whataburger worker since my family went to Texas 15 years ago," said one man. "I can't wait."

Despite the cold, the mood was light as future patrons talked amongst themselves about what they would complain about first when they finally got to the register.

"I'm going to complain that the ketchup is too spicy and ask to speak to a manager," said Lisa Valentine from Brentwood.

A man from California told reporters, "I'm going to tell them that In & Out Burger is better."

Several others rehearsed the scene they planned to make if their order wasn't correct. Others role-played scenarios where their food didn't live up to the hype.

Still, the overwhelming majority of those we spoke to said they were going to complain about the 28-hour wait in line.

The Hermitage Whataburger location opens on January 5.

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