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Hundreds of local burglars out-of-work as families stay at home

Nashville, TN - Nashville's hospitality and travel industry employees are not the only group of people who have been devastated by the coronavirus and the subsequent "safer at home" order. Hundreds of local burglars are also out-of-of work as families stay at home and avoid leaving their properties.

One anonymous burglar told reporters, "This has wreaked havoc on our industry. I used to visit three or four places a day. I haven't had a score all week."

Others echoed the man's dilemma, saying they are resorting to finding jobs and filing for unemployment until this blows over. "How are we supposed to feed our families if we can't take stuff and pawn shops aren't open to buy it," said one man.

Police reports show that several safe-crackers have attempted to turn themselves in for past crimes but were turned away due to the overcrowding of jails during the outbreak.

One unnamed thief said, "I figured if I'm going to have to do some time, I might as well do it when times are tough out here. At least, in there, I know I'd be getting three squares a day. But hey, they turned me away."

A GoFundMe is currently being organized to help support area burglars during this time.

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