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Husband and wife devise elaborate code where if she calls 10 times non-stop, it means she's angry

Hendersonville, TN - A married couple from Hendersonville, Tennessee, are spreading the word about an elaborate code they have created to help improve their communication and ultimately, their relationship. They hope their best practice will help other couples throughout the community.

Kristen Martin says they have devised a code where if she calls his cell phone exactly 10 times non-stop, it means she is angry and he should call her immediately. Kristen told reporters, "I used to only call like six times and he would never answer. When I asked him about it, he said he just thought I was calling because I was bored. That's when we sat down and worked out our system. It's probably saved our marriage."

Mark Martin told journalist, "From the night we met, she started blowing up my phone, so I never really knew when to answer and when to ignore . The 10x code has changed everything for us."

In addition to the 10x code, they have also devised other codes. Here are a few of the most common:

7 calls = out of milk

8 calls = out of bread

9 calls + text = It's an emergency

10 calls = I'm furious, call me now

12 calls = I want a divorce

The Martins say they are currently putting together a marriage seminar to teach couples how to design their own communication code. They plan to host an event at the Hendersonville Holiday Inn sometime in the spring of 2020, followed by an e-book release next summer.

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