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Hypocrites! Fed agency that suggests you set your thermostat at 78° keeps office temp at chilly 76°

A joint federal agency suggested this week that the coolest homeowners should keep their homes is 78 degrees when they are home and 85 degrees when they are away.

However, in an Inquisitor exclusive investigation, we found that the same agency keeps their Washington D.C. office at a brisk 76 degrees, well under their recommendation for average Americans. While some may think that this excessive special treatment would be appreciated by agency employees, we discovered otherwise.

Our undercover journalist found many of the workers wearing sweaters and gloves in an attempt to stave off the chilly conditions they are subject to every day. Another employee was seen with a small trash can fire burning under his desk for warmth. Many of the workers we spoke to say they have complained to management repeatedly about the temperature, but are only given the cold shoulder.

We confronted the director of the agency regarding the apparent hypocrisy between the department's recommendations to the public and the frigid working conditions in his own office, but he promptly asked us to leave the building without comment.

The Inquisitor has reached out to the Chairman of Thermal Services and he is currently investigating the situation.

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