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Identical twin buskers treat Nashville visitors to unmatched sibling disharmony

Nashville, TN -Most music fans agree there is nothing quite like the sibling harmonies produced by acts like the Everly Brother, The Bee Gees, or the Jackson Five. The incredibly tight blending of closely-related voices stirs something inside us as no other vocals can.

That's not the case with identical twin Nashville buskers, Bill and Bobby Guthrie. The pair, who only started performing together in 2020, has become a staple of the downtown scene, treating Music City tourists to sibling disharmony seven nights a week.

"They're awful," said one visitor. "I've been crossing the street to avoid hearing them all week."

Another tourist called 911 to report the duo for making her ears bleed.

Bill and Bobby take the negativity in stride, telling reporters, "We realize we have some work to do, but we're committed to showing up here every night until we get it right. That's our promise to every downtown visitor."

Despite the criticism, Bill and Bobby Guthrie are reportedly among the highest-earning street performers in downtown Nashville. One source says they earn $2,000 a night from tourists paying them not to sing.

The Guthrie Brothers did not immediately deny the accusation.

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