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Inseparable newlyweds add second toilet so they never have to be apart

Nashville, TN - Nashville newlyweds Bob and Carol Crothers are inspiring couples across the country after installing a second toilet in their home, so they never have to be a part.

The inseparable couple said on Facebook that the idea started with their wedding vows when they promised to always be by each others' sides.

"We stood before God and family and promised, 'You will never be alone' and 'Wherever you go, I go,'" said Carol. "This is our way of living out those vows."

The Crothers' post has since gone viral, and hundreds of couples have asked for advice on renovating their own bathrooms. Bob has promised to post his detailed plans and a tutorial later this month.

One inspired Facebook friend wrote, "I've already hired a contractor. I can't wait to surprise my husband for Christmas."

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