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Instead of raising prices, Nashville car lot offering half-cars at regular cost

Nashville, TN - While most used car lots are raising prices 40-50%, one Nashville dealer is fighting inflation with creativity. Instead of raising prices, they are offering half-cars at regular prices.

"We obviously need to watch our bottom line, but we also want to help Nashvillians with their automotive needs," said owner Mark Bigsby. "Our half-off deal is a real win-win for everyone."

According to the website, Bigsby Autos has a wide range of half-off inventory, including front-half, back-half, driver-side, passenger-side models. Prices vary slightly, with front-half and driver-side models on the higher end, usually costing 10% more.

Reviews of the car lot show 95% of customers are beyond satisfied with their purchase. One man wrote, "I just scored half of a 2015 Toyota Camry for only $12,000. Great service. Great price. And I can park anywhere."

Each vehicle comes with a 24-hour warranty and a free tarp to cover openings caused by cutting the car in half.

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