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Joe Exotic children's book, 'Carole Did It!,' to be released just in time for Easter

Nashville, TN - Joe Exotic announced from a Fort Worth Medical Center that his first children's book will be released on April 10, just in time for Easter.

Carole Did It! is an imaginative collection of bedtime stories about a wicked lion sanctuary owner who will stop at nothing to take down her rivals. Children can expect to learn valuable life lessons including persistence, hard-work, and problem-solving skills around how to destroy incriminating evidence.

Bill Mannerly, the publisher of the book, told reporters, "We believe this is a work that will become a cherished classic like The Little Engine That Could or Grimm's Fairy Tales."

According to marketing material, 5% of proceeds will go to support the rehabilitation of big cats and 65% will go to a Free Joe Exotic legal fund.

Carole Did It! will be available on Friday, April 10, where all great books are sold.

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