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Joe Exotic organizing 'Million Joe March' to protest captivity of Joe Exotic

Nashville, TN - Joe Exotic wants you! According to reports, Joe Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, is organizing a "Million Joe March" to protest the captivity of Joe Exotic.

"The idea is for a million people to dress up like Joe Exotic and march on Washington or Russia or wherever you feel like marching," Joe Exotic said from a Fort Worth medical center.

Sources say the star of Netflix's Tiger King got the idea after seeing celebrities dressed up as him, including Rob Lowe, Sylvester Stallone's family, and the farmers who painted their cow like a tiger.

"I've already signed a petition 500,000 times demanding my release, I just need a million people to show they also support Joe Exotic," said Joe Exotic. "Hell, I even welcome Carole to come, if she's not busy feeding her husband to a lion."

Exotic says he is still planning out the final details, but wants to host the events across the country on Sunday, May 10, as a part of Mother's Day.

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