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Kamala Harris gets own little corner of Biden basement

Wilmington, Delaware - Less than 24 hours after Kamala Harris was named Joe Biden's pick for Vice President, a moving truck with California plates was spotted outside Biden's Delaware home.

According to inside sources, the unloaded furniture belongs to Senator Harris and she will be officially moving into a small corner of the Biden basement.

Witnesses say they could not tell if it was office furniture or home furniture, so it is unclear if Senator Harris is just moving her office or if she will be taking up full-time residence in the basement.

Fueling speculation, a LAX airport attendant overheard a conversation between Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, late on Tuesday evening.

"He dropped her off at the gate and got out and kissed her. I heard her say, 'Here goes. I'll see you in November.' It seemed she was going away for awhile based on the number of bags."

Senator Harris did not respond to our request for comment.

Biden and Harris will deliver remarks from Delaware on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a grass-roots online fundraiser. It is unclear if either event will be held in the basement.

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