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Kanye furious Kim would want 10-foot golden Yeezus statue removed from bedroom

Hidden Hills, CA - Kanye West is reportedly furious that Kim Kardashian had a 10-foot golden Yeezus statue removed from a prominent location in the ex-couple's former bedroom.

"Why would she want to get rid of the Yeezus?" Kanye asked on social media. "Maybe she's just moving it to the dining room."

According to sources, the sculpture was covered in a blanket and tossed in a corner of the basement, next to a broken treadmill.

"Kim just wants it out of the house," said a person familiar with the situation. "She doesn't even care if it's worth $20 million."

A local thrift store is expected to pick the monument up early next week. Records show they plan to sell the sculpture for $69.

Kanye is reportedly taking the set back in stride. The Grammy Award-winning music artist has already commissioned an even larger platinum sculpture he plans to install in the bedroom when the couple gets back together.

Kim, Kanye, and Pete Davidson all denied are requests for comment.

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