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Local bachelor unsure which leftovers from Thanksgiving 2021 and which from 2020

Nashville, TN - A local, hungry bachelor found himself in a dilemma on Friday evening when he couldn't tell which leftovers were from Thanksgiving 2021 and which were from 2020.

The crises all started when he rushed home from dinner at his parents on Thursday night to watch the Bills game and inadvertently stuffed the containers into the refrigerator without paying attention.

He realized his mistake around 5:30 p.m. Friday when he discovered he still had untouched leftovers from last year and couldn't tell the difference.

"Mom wrote 'leftovers' on all the containers, but she didn't put a year," said Tom Owens. "Why wouldn't she have put the year?"

Owens tried to reach his mom several times on her cell phone before he called his parent's landline. Finally, his dad answered and said she was out Black Friday shopping with Aunt Mary.

After a thorough smell test couldn't determine the age of the leftovers, Owens decided to take his chances and ate both.

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