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Local college student surprises girlfriend with romantic leftover pizza breakfast in bed

Nashville, TN - According to reports, local college student Brad Herman surprised his new girlfriend with a romantic leftover pizza breakfast in bed on Tuesday morning.

A roommate told reporters that he saw Herman in the kitchen around 7:00 a.m. rummaging through the refrigerator. When he didn't find whatever he was looking for, Herman grabbed a day-old pizza box from the couch, gave it a quick smell test, then headed toward the bedroom.

The roommate says he heard Herman wake up the girl and tell her, "Hey babe, I made you breakfast. It's DiGiorno's."

Another witness inside the house says he couldn't hear the girl's reaction but that she left seconds later, slamming the door on her way out.

It is unclear if the girl was not impressed by the high-end frozen pizza or was simply late for class.

Herman was back to sleep when we reached out for comment.

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