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Local company hosts 'Formal Friday' for workers who miss putting on pants

Nashville, TN - Local company, XilaCorp, is hosting its first-ever "Formal Friday" today for employees working from home who miss putting on pants.

HR Manager, Sandy Dillon, says the amazing idea came from an anonymous staff member who missed getting dressed up in the morning. The employee was also concerned that the XilaCorp dress code was not be followed while workers telecommuted.

"This is so stupid. Who do you think suggested it?," wrote one employee in an invitation-only XilaCorp Facebook group.

A co-worker responded, "I bet it was Sandy, herself. She's always making comments about what everyone is wearing. So lame."

Everyone in the group agreed it was Sandy.

XilaCorp employees say they were baffled by the announcement considering team members have primarily been working through email and by phone where no one can even tell what they are wearing. Now, they will be required to login to Skype once an hour every Friday.

Sandy Dillon wrote in the announcement, "Beginning this Friday, we're going to show the world that XilaCorp dresses for success. Who knows, if it goes well, maybe we will expand to all week! Tuxedo Tuesday, anyone?"

When Sandy was asked about the comments made on the Facebook page, she said, "They have a private Facebook group? I'll have to look into that. I'm not sure that is allowed by our company policy."

At the time of this publishing, the Facebook group had been deleted.

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