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Local couple saved from miserable marriage by canceled wedding reschedules for July

Nashville, TN - Kelly Moore and Brian Smelmont were all set to be married on Saturday, May 16. Then, their wedding planner called in early April to inform them they would have to cancel.

The planner told reporters, "When I told them that the venue, caterer, and officiant had all backed out, they both said they were devastated. But honestly, they seemed a little relieved."

Records show that the groom sent a text message to a friend, saying, "Whew. Just dodged the big one!!! I can breathe again." While the message didn't say what Smelmont was referring to, it was sent less than three minutes after the wedding planner's announcement.

The bride also reportedly messaged her sister, "The wedding is canceled!!! :) I'll tell you more tonight when Smelly goes to bed. Do you think this is the sign I asked for?"

Now, just a couple of weeks later, the couple has announced via a social media video that they will be making the most important decision of their lives on July 25.

Moore says, "We can't wait to share the beginning of our forever with you on July 25. We are beyond excited to make this life-long commitment, right honey?"

Smelmont is heard saying, "Yep. It's going to be...great. Only 100 days away."

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