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Local deer spotted wearing masks to protect themselves from poachers

Nashville, TN - Deer hunting season doesn't return until the fall, but that hasn't stopped local deer from wearing masks to protect themselves from off-season poachers.

Wildlife expert Chuck Barron told reporters, "It doesn't surprise me that we've had so many sightings of deer with masks. Deer are natural-born survivors so the last thing they want is to contract a virus from an infected short-range hunter, in-season or off."

Barron says his office has been inundated with reports from hikers and woodland explorers expressing concern about the animals being able to breathe while running with the masks. He says there is no reason for concern.

"Your average deer is smarter than your average human. If it wasn't safe, they wouldn't be wearing them," Barron said.

As a positive development, Barron says his office is receiving far fewer reports of deer-related auto accidents as deer steer clear of humans and avoid designated road crossings.

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