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Local Girl Scout rents ATM to put an end to the 'no cash' lies and excuses

Nashville, TN - Every year, Girl Scouts across Middle Tennessee are subjected to the lies and excuses of grown adults who claim they don't have cash when asked to buy Girl Scout Cookies outside local businesses.

One scout, Ellen Crothers, has cleverly put an end to the excuse by renting an ATM to set up next to her cookie table during sale hours.

Ellen's mother told reporters, "It was totally Ellen's idea. She saved her allowance for six months to lease the machine. Last weekend alone, she sold 450% more boxes than she did the entire sales period last year. It shows you there are a lot of people out there willing to lie to innocent children."

Witnesses say many potential customers still tried to use the "I don't have cash" excuse, but when Ellen pointed out the ATM, they mysteriously found a few extra dollars conveniently tucked away in their wallets and purses.

In addition to the increased cookie sales, Ellen also earned an extra $1,250 from ATM transaction fees. It is unclear if Ellen will bank the money or donate it to the Girl Scouts.

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