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Local husband who insisted on doing family taxes now owes three trillion dollars

Nashville, TN - Despite multiple offers from his wife Kelly to hire a tax professional, Nashville native Kevin Anderson insisted he could handle it himself. Now, the couple owes three trillion dollars.

A family friend told reporters Kevin broke the news to his wife over dinner on Thursday night, and it did not go well.

"Kevin told her that he had some good news and bad news. Kelly asked for the good news first. He said, 'Well, the good news is it didn't cost us anything to file. The bad news is we owe $3 trillion.' At that point, Kelly just got up and left the house."

Online records show that the free filing option did not include a tax review or audit protection, so it is unclear if the couple will have to pay the amount. It is also unclear if they will have to pay the amount all at once or if there is an installment plan.

Kevin is currently seeking a certified accountant. Kelly is reportedly seeking an attorney.

Neither responded to our requests for comment.

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