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Local kid singlehandedly saving planet by recycling parent's wine bottles

Nashville, TN - Eleven-year-old Olivia Grant is on a mission to save the planet, and she is starting right inside her Nashville home.

Grant says she had the idea to begin recycling her parent's empty wine bottles when she noticed the family garbage bin overflowing with empty bottles.

"There were like a million empty bottles going right into the trash. I knew I had to start recycling them," said Grant.

She contacted a local recycling center and arranged for daily pickups.

The recycling center says they have seen an 83% increase in glass recycling since Grant started the program. As a result, they are currently seeking additional staff to handle the increased demand.

But Grant isn't stopping with her own house. She is currently forming a non-profit organization to encourage youth across the U.S. to begin recycling their parent's empty wine bottles and boxes.

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