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Local man, born leap year 1956, finally gets driver's license

Nashville, TN - Edward Walters, who was born on leap year day 1956, celebrated his 16th birthday in style this year by finally getting his driver's license.

"I've waited a long, long time for this," Walters told reporters outside the DMV. "I'm just glad I passed the exam. My eyesight is not nearly as good as when I was 12."

Walters still recalls the day he turned four-years-old and asked his mother why his friends were already driving and he had to wait.

"She said I was special and born on a magical day that only comes around every once and a while. She told me to be patient... and I have been."

When asked the first thing he planned to do with his new-found freedom, he told us he was going to pick up his best girl, Jane, and take her for a milkshake at the soda shop across town.

Next, Walters says he can't wait to turn 21 in 2040, so he can try his first beer.

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