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Local man can already tell small wrapped present not Tesla he asked for

Nashville, TN - After months of dropping hints that he wanted a Tesla for Christmas, Nashville native Jeremy Williams was disappointed to only receive a small wrapped present on Saturday morning.

"I can already tell this isn't a Tesla," Williams told a family friend ahead of opening the gift. "There is no way they fit a car in this box."

Williams brightened when the friend suggested that maybe they wrapped the key to a Tesla. He excitedly opened the gift to find a pleather wallet.

Williams tried to look excited, but witnesses say he was obviously disappointed.

One observer told reporters. "Yeah, Jeremy hated the wallet. I mean, he hated it. I think he actually thought he was getting a Tesla."

Moments later, Williams excused himself from the group and headed to the garage, where he remained for the rest of the party. He was still there at the time of this posting.

A source familiar with the situation says Williams is still hoping he will get a Tesla for his birthday in January.

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