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Local man searching everywhere for unopened Apple AirTag

Nashville, TN - According to witnesses, John Jacobs has been searching everywhere for an unopened box containing his new Apple AirTag.

The Nashville native, who was lucky enough to get an early release of the new tracking product, clearly remembers putting the box on the kitchen counter two days ago. He hasn't seen it since.

Jacobs says his best guess is that the cat dragged it to another room or the dog buried it in the backyard.

"I've looked everywhere," said Jacobs. "I just wish there was a way to track it, like an AirTag for your AirTag."

Jacobs even formed a search party of friends and neighbors to help him scour the house, but the device remains missing.

As of Thursday morning, Jacobs is still searching and says he will not give up until he has located the locator.

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