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Local midwife who likes to under promise, over deliver assures mom of sextuplets she's having one

Nashville, TN - Local mother, Anna Raimey, got the surprise of a lifetime today when she unexpectedly delivered sextuplets. "I'm really happy but pretty confused," Raimey told reporters. "They just kept coming. My midwife told me I was having one. How'd this happen?"

Reporters asked Raimey's midwife, Carol Withers, about the error and she said, "Oh it wasn't a mistake, I knew she was having six. I just like to under promise, over deliver. Surprise!" Withers then promptly left the delivery room.

This is not the first time Withers has surprised parents with more babies than promised. Records show she has assisted with at least a dozen sets of triplets and delivered her first set of octuplets last spring. On each occasion, the parents were expecting one. All of them filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau's baby division.

Anna's husband, Joe Raimey, told reporters, "I'm...uh...still processing all of this. I guess I'm going to need a larger van, bigger house, and a couple more jobs. Would have been nice to know this six months ago. Where's that midwife?"

Anna Raimey said, "Owww. I'm not sure I would have gone the natural route if I knew I was having six babies. Hey, where's Carol? Carol? Get her in here now! Someone get that midwife in here. Now!"

Midwife Withers could not be located on property and was unavailable for additional comment.

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