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Local SmileyClub braces for lawsuit as lawyer on retainers works to straighten things out

Murfreesboro, TN - A new dental startup, SmileyClub, is bracing for a lawsuit today as their lawyer on retainers prepares to straighten things out in court.

Three out-of-state orthodontists filed the suit, accusing the startup of false teeth advertising and stealing customers by offering a quality product at an affordable price.

"They're taking our patients," said one orthodontist. "How are we supposed to stay in business when customers can get the same results at a quarter of the price and no inconvenient office visits. It's not fair."

The orthodontists spent months to find one unhappy customer in Michigan to join their class-action suit. The customer claims that his teeth were actually worse after using the product, but admits he only wore the appliance one time for 20 minutes.

SmileyClub and their lawyer declined to comment on the case.

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