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Local teen devastated when mom mistakenly gifts him PS5 instead of air purifier

Nashville, TN - Local teen Chad Martin was devastated on Saturday when his mom gifted him a PlayStation 5 instead of the air purifier he had hoped to get for his birthday.

"I don't want to play games; I want to breathe clean air," said Martin.

His mom said she made the mistake while visiting a holiday shopping bazaar in Franklin, Tennessee.

Chad's mom, Carole, told reporters, "It was an accident. The vendor was selling all kinds of things. When I asked him if he had any air purifiers, he brought one out and set it next to the PlayStallion thing. They looked so much alike; I simply grabbed the wrong one."

Carole promised Chad that she would return the PS5 first thing on Sunday morning and try to exchange it for the air purifier. After hours of crying in his room, Chad eventually came out for a slice of organic tofu birthday cake.

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