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Lucky shopper scores $25 Logan's gift card for $10 on eBay

Nashville, TN - Nashville resident, John Howard, is celebrating his luck this morning after scoring a $25 Logan's gift card for $10 on eBay.

Howard told The Inquisitor, "I feel a little guilty. I think the seller made a mistake when he set the price, but hey, when you snooze, you lose."

Howard went on to say that he tried to send the eBay seller a message about the pricing error, but when they didn't reply after 30 minutes, he went ahead and placed his order.

"I didn't want to wait too long and miss out on such a great deal," Howard said. "Anyway, he accepted the offer so it's a done deal. Maybe he'll pay more attention to his postings next time."

Howard says he plans to save the card for a couple months and take his girlfriend to a nice dinner after the lockdown.

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