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Man reacts to report chicken wings can carry coronavirus by eating second wing

Nashville, TN- A local man reacted to news reports claiming chicken wings can carry the coronavirus by eating a second wing during lunch on Friday.

The response came after Chinese officials say a sample of wings imported to China from Brazil tested positive for COVID-19.

The Inquisitor Nashville visited a popular wing venue on Friday during lunch to gauge the reaction of customers when we shared the news just seconds after they consumed a chicken wing.

We approached local truck driver Bob Thomas at his table just as he downed the first of 25 buffalo hot wings.

After reading the full report by the Chinese health agency, Thomas said, "Tastes fine to me," and proceeded to eat a second wing. Then a third and so on.

Several minutes later, Thomas finished off his plate and ordered a to-go order of 40 BBQ medium wings he said he planned to split with his wife for dinner.

Thomas did not divulge whether he planned to tell his wife about the report.

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