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Man with zero understanding of cryptocurrency quits job to mine for Bitcoin

Nashville, TN - A local man told reporters this morning that he quit a lucrative job at a Nashville insurance firm to mine for Bitcoin.

"I just woke up and realized there has got to be a better way to make a living," said Ted Evans. "So, now I'm going to mine crypto."

Evans admits he doesn't know much about cryptocurrency but did spend 20 minutes interviewing his 14-year-old nephew, who assured him mining is easy.

"He told me that he has a friend of a friend who makes around $30,000 a month mining crypto."

Within hours, Evans packed his Kia, bought a pickaxe, and headed north to Kentucky, where his nephew heard the Bitcoin mines are yielding millions in crypto.

Evans says he plans to invest his life savings in a crypto mine and get down to the business.

"Hopefully, by Christmas, I'll be sipping margaritas in Cabo. Living the good life," said Evans.

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