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Marilyn Monroe painting sold at auction for $195M to ship with free duct tape after mishap

New York, NY - An original Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe painting that sold at auction for $195 million will ship with a free roll of duct tape after a mishap damaged the iconic portrait.

According to an anonymous source, Steven Wallace, a manager at the auction house, called the buyer to inform him of the incident early Sunday morning. A recording of the call was leaked this afternoon.

Steven: Yes, hi, sir. I'm calling about the painting you purchased for $195 million earlier this week.

Buyer: Which one?

Steven: Well, the Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe, of course, sir.

Buyer: Oh yes, that one. It's for my wife. Has it shipped?

Steven: Well, that's why I'm calling, sir. There was the tiniest of mishaps when we removed it from the wall to ship and-

Buyer: Is it damaged?

Steven: Well, just a minor cosmetic blemish, really, sir. Nothing that a roll of duct tape won't fix, which we will be shipping along with the painting. At no additional charge, of course.

Buyer: Ok, so it's ok?

Steven: Uh-huh. Yeah. I think it actually adds some character to the piece, if you ask me. If you think about how broken Marilyn was; how broken we all are, it's kind of beautiful.

Buyer: Ok, good. I can't wait to give it to my wife. What was your name again?

Steven: Bill, sir. My name is Bill.

Buyer: Thanks for the call, Bill.

Steven: Of course, sir, enjoy your painting.

Wallace did not return our request for comment.

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