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Masked Magician reveals secret to Nashville Mayor's lower property tax trick

Nashville, TN - The Masked Magician broke the magician's code on Sunday to reveal the secret behind Nashville Mayor Cooper's lower property tax cup trick.

The illusion, performed on live TV Friday morning, convinced many Nashvillians that a recent 34% tax increase had disappeared, and they would be paying less in property taxes next year.

The Masked Magician explains, "The secret behind this trick is that the tax money was quickly moved under the property reappraisal cup while the audience focused its attention on the lower property tax rate cup. Nothing ever disappeared. It was simply transferred with sleight of hand."

While it is still unclear if the money under the reappraisal cup is less than the amount under the property tax rate cup, everyone agrees it was a masterful illusion.

Stay tuned to see what else Mayor Cooper has up his sleeves.

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