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Mayor Briley takes campaign on road with 70mph stunt on I-40

Mt. Juliet, TN - Nashville Mayor David Briley took his campaign on the road this week with a 70 mph joyride on top of a moving vehicle.

Witness say the smiling Mayor greeted motorist on I-40 from the top of a blue sedan while performing headstands and car surfing at times. One witness told reporters, "He was just giving us all the thumbs up and waving at people like he was in a Christmas parade. Except it ain't Christmas, and he was going 70 mph! It was awesome."

The masterful PR stunt by the Briley campaign is presumably an attempt to garner last minute votes ahead of the Mayoral runoff with Councilman John Cooper on September 12.

An anonymous spokesperson for the Cooper campaign reacted to the stunt, saying, "Well, if Mayor Briley wants to go all in, then we'll go all in, too. Let's just say this... you may want to be looking to the skies next Thursday afternoon around 3:05 p.m. That's all I can tell you."

It is unclear what will happen on Thursday, but some are speculating that Councilman Cooper may try skydiving without a parachute.

No one from the Briley campaign could be reached for comment.

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