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Mysterious 'Kid Rock-like' creature spotted in Shelby Park

File Photo: Kid Rock-like creature in Shelby Park

Nashville, TN - This week, The Inquisitor's office has been flooded with sightings of a mysterious creature in the wooded areas of Shelby Park bearing a striking resemblance to legendary rocker, Kid Rock.

One jogger told reporters, "My girlfriend and I were rounding a bend when this thing came out of the trees wearing nothing but a hat and this loincloth thingy. It asked us for a beer then disappeared back into the woods. I'm not sure what it was, but it looked a lot like Kid Rock."

Another runner, with her 19 year-old daughter, reported hearing a familiar voice through the trees, singing, "And we were trying different things. We were smoking funny things,"along with a funny earthy smell she claimed she could not identify. The teenager also claimed she didn't recognize the smell.

The Inquisitor sent a team of journalists, accompanied by a renowned Kid Rock tracker, to verify the reports and possibly catch a glimpse of the legendary creature. After an exhaustive search, the beast eluded the expedition or was never there in the first place. However, the team did find evidence supporting witnesses' claims.

The tracker, Rich James, told reporters, "We did come across a small campfire with a dozen empty Jim Beam bottles, rolling papers, and remnants of an acoustic guitar that was burned on the fire. It could have been anyone, but I've seen this before and it fits his pattern."

At the time of this posting, the sightings continue to pour in. Kid Rock is reportedly unaccounted for.

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