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BREAKING: NASA announces they're 'getting the hell out of here' on May 27

Cape Canaveral, FL - In breaking news, NASA announced on Saturday that they will be 'getting the hell out of here' on May 27.

A spokesperson for the space agency told reporters, "We can't think of a better time to leave the planet than right now. So, we're getting the hell out of here and we're taking everyone."

The spokesperson did not clarify if "everyone" referred to the entire country or only the NASA organization, but experts say even with space shuttles and other out-dated rockets, there would hardly be enough room for 238 million Americans, let alone a carry-on.

Still, the news sparked cautious optimism among an unprecedented number of people who have volunteered for any mission that will take them as far from Earth as possible. Google searches for "one-way trips to Mars" have spiked over 20,000 percent over the last three weeks.

The spokesperson said there will be more details released in the coming weeks, but the announcement left many Americans asking important questions like "Where would we go?" and "Will they have WiFi?"

This is a developing story.

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