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NASA discovers parallel universe where Tim runs backward

Antarctica - NASA scientists say they have found evidence of a parallel universe where Tim runs backward.

The groundbreaking research is the result of a study in Antarctica where scientists sent a jumbo balloon carrying NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) high into the atmosphere. The antenna then shot cosmic rays into the Earth's surface while researchers monitored the direction of the high-energy neutrinos it produced.

Beyond the setup of the experiment, the details are fuzzy on how the Antarctica findings translated into a man name Tim running backward. It is also unclear if the results applied to every Tim or a specific Tim.

Inquisitor Nashville reached out to lead researcher Chris Evergreen who cleared up the confusion. "It's simple. Tim is a construct. It wholly exists and doesn't exist at all. It's each of us and none of us."

Evergreen says there are additional experiments planned to determine if there are even more universes out there where Tim runs sideways or stands still. Scientists also hope to discover if the natural laws of these universes also apply to other types of exercise.

This is a developing story.

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