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Nashville archive photo offers rare look at long-rumored plan for Robin Building

Nashville, TN - Nashville's beloved Batman Building has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of residents and visitors since it was completed in September 1994.

Now, a recently discovered archive photo offers a rare look at a long-rumored plan to build a smaller sidekick Robin Building.

"You have to remember, in 1994, Batman Forever was in production, featuring actor Chris O'Donnell as The Boy Wonder. The movie studio was pushing hard for Nashville to build a second building to help promote the film's 1995 release." said a city historian. "But, test groups for both the film and the building were luke-warm at best."

The architect put the construction plan on hold a week later. Many hope to change the decision.

According to reports, a growing movement supports building the second skyscraper. One organizer has even started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for its construction.

"I think the Robin Building is exactly what Nashville needs to attract more people to move here," wrote one supporter. "We need this."

At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe account had reached $2,000 of the needed $350,000,000.

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