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Nashville art group aims to replace Nathan B. Forrest statue with one equally attractive

Nashville, TN - The controversial Nathan Bedford Forrest statue that graced I-65 for 23 years was removed on Tuesday to the cheers of many.

Still, many Nashvillians say they would like to see a less provocative, but equally attractive work of art to fill the void. And lucky for them, one local art group is promising to do just that.

"We want every Nashvillians to know that we are working day and night to source a work that can live up to the NBF piece, artistically speaking," said a spokesperson.

One contender is a work titled The Handy Man by a local New Zealand artist.

A second work being considered is The Wee Happy Centaur by Vladimir O'Malley.

No decision has been made, but the art group hopes to begin auditioning both works at the I-65 location in the coming weeks.

Which would you choose?

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