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Nashville man repurposes ceiling fan to improve gas mileage

Nashville, TN - As gas prices continue to set records, one Nashville man is not taking it lying down. With a little bit of creativity and wiring know-how, Jim Arnold repurposed an old ceiling fan to create a propeller for his Honda Civic.

"It was just sitting in the attic gathering dust, so I thought, 'Why not?'" said Arnold.

In his first week, Arnold says the fan has increased his gas mileage from 33 city/42 highway to 34 city/44 highway.

While that may not sound like much, Arnold says there is a noticeable difference at the pump. He usually spends about $34 per week filling up. This week, he only spent $32.75.

"I basically created a hybrid," said Arnold. "My friends are calling me Elon."

Arnold says he hopes to save enough in gas over the next few months to buy a high-powered industrial fan to save even more.

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