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Nashville Dating: 11 signs your online date is secretly an aspiring songwriter

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

By Hellen Ramsey -

We’ve all been there. You meet a cute guy online and agree to a first date. His profile seems great, but something feels off. Most of the time, it just turns out he’s married. But sometimes, it’s more serious. Sometimes, he’s an aspiring songwriter. Here are 11 signs to watch for:

11 signs your date is an aspiring songwriter
  1. He insists on a lunch date at a spot near Music Row

  2. He clearly works at the restaurant

  3. He brings a guitar and a canary legal pad to the table

  4. He takes little notes as you tell him about a really painful heartbreak

  5. He lights up when you mention your best friend from high school is a famous country singer

  6. Assorted guitar picks fall out of his wallet when he starts to pay the bill

  7. He asks for a “solid” when his credit card is declined

  8. He drops off home-made CDs at several tables on the way out

  9. He asks for a “solid” and a ride to a studio up the street

  10. He asks if your car has Bluetooth so he can play you something really cool

  11. He suggests you double date with your famous friend from high school as a second date

If you experience more than one of these on a given date, there is a 98.5% chance he is a songwriter. RUN!


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