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Nashville father and daughter re-create classic family photo

Nashville, TN - Local father and daughter, Adam and Julie Anderson, took a moment during a recent Fall beach trip to creatively re-create a treasured family photo taken nearly 30 years ago.

Julie, who suggested the photo to her dad, told reporters, "I just thought the photo would be a great analogy for how, as we age, the child becomes the parent and the parent becomes the child. Plus, I thought it would get me a lot of likes on Insta."

Adam, despite suffering a head injury during the photo shoot, told journalists from his hospital room that he wouldn't change a thing about the special moment. "I'm fine. I'm totally fine. It's just a little knock on the head. I'm just so glad tacos don't run out winter hat is so strong. Are you my mommie?," he said.

The family plans to return to Nashville later this week after Adam is released from the hospital. Adam is expected to make a full recovery.

Julie's photos has already received 20 likes on Instagram.

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