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Nashville man celebrates end of emission testing by crop-dusting motorists on I-40

Nashville, TN - When Ned Valenski learned that Davidson Country was ending its emissions testing on Saturday, he literally jumped for joy. Hearing the commotion, Ned's wife, Karen, rushed into the kitchen to see if he was ok.

She found him frantically rummaging through a junk drawer, looking through old car keys.

Karen told reporters, "He started heading for the garage, and I asked him where he was going. He said, 'I'm breaking out Betsy. Today's the day.' Then he was gone."

According to Karen, "Betsy" is Ned's first car that he got in 1984, just a year before Nashville instituted its emission testing program. Once the city started testing, Betsy went into storage.

Karen said, "That car could never pass the inspection because of the smoke. It's like a crop-duster. So, it's been sitting in the garage for 37 years. And he's been dreaming of this day."

Ned was last spotted crop-dusting motorist on I-40 East.

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