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Nashville man outraged after last name, MOIST, denied for personalized license plate

Rejected MOIST license plate

Nashville businessman, Richard Moist, expressed outrage today when his request to have MOIST featured on his license plate was denied by the Tennessee Department of Personalization.

The issue started when Moist was renewing his tags at the county clerks office and they offered him the option to personalize his plates. Moist told reporters, “I hadn’t even considered personalized plates until they asked me. I thought 'why not?' I figured it's a great way to promote my new restaurant in East Nashville, The MOIST Cafe. Then I found out today, they denied my request on grounds that Moist is offensive? So yeah, I'm angry.”

Jim Turdman, a spokesperson for the Department of Personalization, told journalist, “While I can certainly relate to Mr. Moist’s frustration regarding his last name, we feel that MOIST on a license plate may be unsettling for some of our more sensitive citizens and cause discomfort on the streets of Nashville." Turdman went on to say, "Trust me, I empathize with Mr. Moist and apologize for any unintended harm. Still, we feel it is in the best interest of our community to stand by our decision.”

Moist said he was particular offended by Turdman's last statement since he is a well-known philanthropist throughout the community that the spokesman claims he is trying to protect. His organization, Moist Holdings, sponsors several youth sports teams, including the Moist Marauders soccer team and the Moist Monster’s t-ball team. Both teams proudly bear the Moist name on their uniforms without issue.

Moist’s wife, Regina Smith, was also disappointed in the decision, saying, “It hurts me to know that anyone would be offended by the name of the most wonderful man I have ever known.” Smith, who retains her maiden name for undisclosed reasons, added, “Moist is a wonderful name.”

Currently, Moist has filed an appeal and told reporters that he is prepared to get his attorney, Steve Nips, involved if needed.

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