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Nashville named friendliest city to have crash this Memorial Day Weekend

Updated: May 25, 2019

Over 42 million Americans will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend to enjoy time with their friends and families. While most States can expect an increase in traffic accidents, several cities are considered the most dangerous in the nation. Nashville not only ranked in the top five, but took the #1 spot in one key area: friendliness.

According to GOT Analytics, Nashville easily beat out Charleston, Miami, Atlanta, and Indianapolis as the friendliest city to crash in this holiday weekend. A spokesperson from the Nashville Visitor’s Coalition (NVC) said, “We are so excited to once again be recognized for our incredible friendliness. This distinction is a testament to the great people of Nashville who continue to offer distraught crash victims award-winning southern hospitality during one of life’s most harrowing experiences. We couldn’t be more proud.”

The NVC is currently working on a new marketing campaign to capitalize on this new honor. Details are few, but the tagline is rumored to be, “Crash into the kindness of Nashville.”


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